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Best Web Design For Seo

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When you create a website, you need to consider two important aspects: Consumers and search engines.

You need an SEO-friendly website so you show up on Google when consumers search for your products. But you also need a creative, user-friendly website so customers can find what they want to buy.

Best Web Design For Seo

The conflict for website owners, especially when hundreds of products are available on the site, is finding a balance between usability and SEO. Complicating matters further, many companies have two separate teams for SEO and web development. Even if both teams are in-house, it can be a challenge to get them to work together to create a beautiful and successful website. The development team struggles to keep the visual and user experience aspect of the site as simple as possible, while the SEO team wants to make sure the site has enough content for Google to rank it effectively for user searches.

So how do you find the balance when you get conflicting suggestions from both sides?

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at what SEO web design is, why it’s important, and the 10 things you need to optimize to find common ground between these two goals.

Things to Optimize for SEO Web Design

Now that you know why SEO web design is so important, let’s talk about how to optimize your website. Keep search engine optimization in mind throughout the web design process to make implementing these 10 points as seamless as possible.

After all, you don’t want your web development team to create the entire website only to have your SEO team pick it apart, making the process take even longer. Instead, if the two teams collaborate on each of these points during the design process, the entire project can be streamlined.

Google’s search algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank a website. It’s difficult for a single designer to take them all into account. Instead, start by optimizing the following 10 elements to help your pages rank better:

Website speed
Image file names
Alt tags
Website navigation
URL structure
Indexable content

Refresh pages with fresh content

If your website has a blog, consider placing excerpts from the latest posts on all of your web pages. Search engines love it when the content of web pages changes from time to time, as it shows that the website is still alive and well.

With changing content, the crawling frequency of search engines also increases.

You should not display full posts as this could lead to duplicate content issues.

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