BMT College Fees Structure 2023/2024

BMT College The amount due for the Academic Session of 2023–2024 has been made public by the BMT College. Candidates and applicants must obtain the relevant information regarding tuition and other school costs.

Every academic session, BMT College reviews its payment/fee structure. The following fees are included in the pricing structure: tuition, exam fees, supply fees, registration fees, and application fees.

How to Examine the BMT College Fees Schedule

BMT College Tuition Fees Payment 2023/2024, BMT College Fee Statement, and BMT College Fees Brochure 2023/2024 are all available in pdf format.

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Go to https://bmtcollege.co.za/ to access the school’s website.

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Here is how to BMT College Fees Structure is been Schedules:

Student fees are broken down as follows:

  • Application fees
  • Acceptance deposit
  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • Miscellaneous fees and levies
  • Interest

Students at BMT College pay tuition fees for every course taken. These tuition fees vary from course to course and cover:

  • Registration
  • All charges for classes, tutorials, and laboratories
  • Ordinary university examinations
  • Library access
  • Compulsory personal accident insurance
  • The use of general sporting facilities
  • In the case of medical students, hospital fees for clinical instruction.
  • Go to the BMT College Fees page Click Here
  • Next, click to request Fees on the link on the Page.

Access the BMT College Fees or download the fees brochure through the link you will receive.

From the Link above, you can access and download a pdf of the BMT College Fees.


  • A non-refundable application fee must be paid when applying to BMT College.
  • If late applications are accepted, a late application fee will be charged.
  • Paying an application fee does not mean that your application will be successful.

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