List of Courses Offered at City Changers Institute

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List of Courses Offered at City Changers Institute

See the list of Courses at City Changers Institute below.

  • Youth Leadership Development

All too frequently do we find leadership development only talking with members of a school’s student council. The CCI Professional’s Youth Leadership Development Programme has therefore been designed to address this need in raising and equipping young leaders throughout an entire school.  Consequently, this 3 year training programme starts off with grade 10 learners and concludes at the end of grade 12.  The focus of the programme is to cultivate a holistic awareness of what leadership is, based on three different, yet complementary approaches, which include:

  • A philosophical worldview consideration

  • A values based consideration

  • A pragmatic leadership theory consideration

The first consideration of worldview, focuses on the three primary realities that each person / leader engages in is:

(a) the eternal reality

(b) the internal reality

(c) the external reality

The second consideration of values is constructed on the biblical reference found in Hebrews chapter 13:7:

(a) a word worth listening

(b) a faith worth embracing

(c) a life worth imitating

The third consideration of leadership theory addresses one of the most recent developments in the field, namely authentic leadership theory, which address the three components of:

(a) personal development

(b) intra-personal approaches

(c) inter-personal aspects.

As a result the curriculums are structured as follows:

Grade 10 curriculum is constructed around the concepts of eternal reality / a faith worth embracing / personal development;

Grade 11 – internal reality / a word worth listening / intra-personal; and

Grade 12 – external reality / a life worth imitating / inter-personal.

From a time based perspective, the Youth Leadership Development Programme curriculum consists of the following outcomes speared over three years:

  • Introduction to leadership – 12 weeks

  • Values of leaders – 7 weeks

  • Characteristics of leaders – 11 weeks

  • Qualities of leaders – 10 weeks

  • People skills – 11 weeks

  • Influence – 9 weeks

  • Developing leaders – 5 weeks

  • Leading people – 12 weeks

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