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Does Jamb Repeat Past Questions

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Does JAMB repeat UTME Questions?

If you are curious and looking for this information, rest assured that you will know for sure if JAMB repeats the questions as you continue reading this article.

Now, it is not a novelty that JAMB repeats questions in each academic session of the UTME year after year. Although, many first-time sitting candidates need that security. So you should be aware that JAMB repeats questions and mostly from their question banks you will not have access to.

At the upcoming UTME, rest assured that JAMB will repeat most of the questions that exist in its question banks and add a minority of the new questions that are reshuffled annually. This alone sees many candidates earn excellent scores of 300 or higher.

Therefore, while preparing for your next UTME, it is advisable that you make sure that you read your textbooks, especially the ones that JAMB recommends to candidates in the JAMB brochure, and lastly, do not forget to study the questions above. , because the above questions not only help candidates to prepare effectively for UTME.

It familiarizes them (the candidates) with each topic. JAMB generally likes to extract most of the questions and the concepts and patterns they follow for each topic and how they continually regulate the questions to avoid margins that would make the questions too complex to attempt. by students who are highly prepared.

In addition to this, you should keep in mind that in previous years there have always been high recorded cases of candidates passing their UTME and low recorded cases of failures by candidates applying to UTME.

What Is the Method of Examination Adopted by JAMB

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) so far at the time of writing this article has been popularly known to conduct Computer Based Testing (CBT) examinations every academic year since 2015. Since its inception, JAMB has been using the Paper & Pencil Test (PPT) examination method before it was changed to CBT in 2015 and this has been maintained to date.

The Kind of Questions Set by JAMB

Many candidates and students have always had this phobia of the UTME organized by JAMB. This is because there are always high expectations candidates have before sitting for the examination. Also, this expectancy comes with high hope but the majority end up not preparing adequately for the UTME and end up getting their hope shattered.

In this article, as you read through you will be guided on how you can effectively pass your UTME as the first step to secure your admission into institutions of higher learning like Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, and Universities because the second step for most institutions are Post-UTME which they (institutions) have been authorized by JAMB to either conduct it or not conduct it depending on their preferences.

JAMB follows a specific format for its UTME. The specific formats are as follows:

1. topics or areas the majority of the questions arise from and topics or areas from a subject where questions are fewer.

2. the number of questions, that for the mandatory Use of English which is offered by all candidates irrespective of the aspired field of study, departments applied and faculties applied. The Use of English carries a total of 60 questions while the other three (3) subjects carry 40 questions each. It is worthy of note, that the Use of English for example has two comprehension passages that carry about 5 questions in each comprehension passage and a total of 10 questions for both passages, Close Passage (which involves filling in words as answers in the passage) carries about 10 questions. Also, idioms, synonyms (choose the option(s) nearest in meaning to the underlined word(s)) and antonyms (choose the option(s) nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word(s)) usually take up to 20 questions in total. The Correct spellings, Emphatic Stress, Sentence Completion, Vowel Sounds, and Consonant Sounds take up to another 20 questions.

N/B: All subjects carry their different majority or minority areas questions arise from. That is why it is always advisable every candidate should get their JAMB Past Questions on time and prepare so that they can rest assured, that with whatever preparedness they’ve labored, an excellent score is guaranteed which will in turn grant admission into the preferred institutions of higher learning like Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, and Universities.

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