How Do I Know if My Capfin Loan Is Approved

How Do I Know if My Capfin Loan Is Approved

Capfin Loans will contact you within 24 hours after you have submitted all requirements with a loan offer. Your loan application is subject to an affordability screening and Capfin’s Credit Policy.
Your bank will notify you of the pending DebiCheck mandate that requires your approval. Be sure to follow your bank’s instructions carefully. If you do not accept the approval of the mandate, Capfin will not be able to process your loan.
How Do I Know if My Capfin Loan Is Approved

Capfin Loan Requirements

You must have a valid South African ID for verification
Your payroll for the last 3 months
You must live and work in South Africa.
Your last 3 months of the statement of your bank account.

Some things about Capfin

With the private financial company Capfin, you can take up a second loan if you have finished paying your existing one. Usually, the company will send you an SMS every month confirming the amount of money that is available for you to borrow.
We offer loans of up to R50 000, based on the outcome of your affordability assessment which considers factors such as your income and expenses, your credit profile and payment behavior.
With Capitec Bank you can borrow up to R5 million and have a repayment period of up to 240 months. After you apply for the loan and send out all the documents required, if accepted, your loan will be approved within 5 business days.
Apply for a Capfin Loan
Once your loan is approved, you will get a commitment letter from the lender. This document outlines the loan terms and your mortgage agreement. Your monthly costs and the annual percentage rate on your loan will be available for review. Any conditions that must be met before closing will also be documented.

Capfin Loan Contact Details

You can reach and contact Capfin loan customer care support through phone, email, SMS
Capfin phone contact: 087 354 0000
Capfin call me back and contact
Capfin Loan SMS contact HELP’ to 43679
Capfin Loan Ussd Code contact 1205566#
Capfin email contact
Do you have any questions you want to ask about the Capfin Loan Approved? If yes, please use the comment box below, we are available within 24 hours and feel free to spread the love.

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