How Much Braces in South Africa

Have you ever flipped through a magazine and seen celebrities with straight, shiny teeth? Well, it’s safe to say we all have! It has probably crossed your mind to get braces, especially if he is dissatisfied with his teeth or if he has problems with crooked teeth.
How Much Braces in South Africa
However, getting braces can be quite expensive. In this article, we take a look at the average cost of braces in South Africa. The cost will depend on the individual condition, the frequency of treatment, and the type of orthodontic device used.

Types of Braces Available

There are 5 main types of braces available on the South African market. Also, each type of brace is used to treat different conditions. For example, certain patients may have an underbite or an overbite. In these cases, the treatment will be different.
Let’s take a look at the different braces.

How Much Braces in South Africa


These are made of metal brackets and wires attached to each tooth in the mouth. The archwire puts pressure on the teeth and jawline, while elastic O-rings connect the archwire to the brackets.
Unlike before, they are much smaller and less noticeable. These usually cost less and are versatile because they can be made in different colors.

  • Ceramic

These resemble metallic ones, but are the same color as your teeth, making them almost invisible. They are more expensive than traditional ones and are prone to staining without proper care.

  • Lingual

These are similar to metal braces, but the braces are placed inside the teeth instead of outside. Although they are not visible from the outside, they are more difficult to clean and more uncomfortable.

  • Invisalign

They are transparent, removable, and ideal for people with mild to moderate dental problems.

  • Self-ligating

These are somewhat similar to the metal type. The difference is that they use gates or clips to hold the cable in place instead of rubber band ties.

Ceramic/Porcelain Braces Cost in South Africa

The cost of ceramic braces in South Africa is moderately higher than metal braces. The total cost can range from R40,000 to R60,000. Also, patients will have to pay per post, per tooth. This may be an additional R350-R500 per bolt.

How Much Do Braces Cost in South Africa?

Have you been wondering, “How much do braces cost in South Africa?” If so, you should keep in mind that the cost varies depending on the doctor you choose, the severity of the problem, the type to be installed, and the length of treatment.
They usually last between 12 and 36 months. The average prices for dental braces are listed below.
initial consultation
An initial consultation will cost you an average of R2,600
exterior/ lip
External or lip braces are the ones that are visible from the outside and cost an average of R25,000. What are the current prices for brakes in Johannesburg? You will pay around R24,000 and a consultation fee of around R500.
Inner/ lingual
How much are the brakes? The interior/lingual type will set you back an average of R42,000.
These will set you back around R25,000.
NB: You will distribute more money for colored braces.

Are There Free Options in South Africa?

When people ask how much braces cost in South Africa, they soon realize that the cost is relatively high. The reality is that some South Africans cannot afford the above prices.
People with insurance coverage from specific insurance companies can install them at a lower price or for free. Listed below are some of the companies that cover some or all of the costs when you visit an orthodontist.
Boost Health
Discovery Health
Medical Shield
Braces are a great solution for anyone’s smile. However, they can be expensive in South Africa. Fortunately, payment options are available. Most patients can claim at least part of their medical assistance. If not, all the treatment.
However, if you don’t have medical assistance, you can always work out a payment plan. Most orthodontists offer different payment plans depending on the treatment. Patients can pay as little as R2,000 a month for 24 months.
Choosing the right type of braces based on your needs is also vital. Traditional braces are much more affordable than the other types of braces. For this reason, it is best to go for this option if you are on a budget.
In general, the treatment of each patient depends entirely on her case. Some patients may require minimal treatment. Obviously, this will be less expensive and more affordable. However, certain patients may have complex cases. Therefore, they will require much more treatment, which can cost more.
Lastly, the cost of braces in South Africa is significantly lower than in other countries. South Africa is fortunate to have experienced orthodontists with extensive knowledge.
While We Endeavor to Keep the Information on This Website Correct and Up to Date, Some Details Presented Here May Differ from Those Obtained in The Marketplace.

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