How To Check Your Nsfas Status For 2023 Application

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) offers a bursary for students in public universities and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges.

If you have submitted your application along with your documents, the next step you will take is to check your funding application status.

How To Check Your Nsfas Status

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If you have plans to study towards a qualification that is offered in one of South Africa’s public universities and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges, there is a government bursary that will help finance your tertiary education.

To be funded by NSFAS, you will have to submit an application on the government bursary’s online application system.

A number of documents are required to be submitted so that NSFAS will be able to start processing the application and provide you with the outcome.

How To Check Your Nsfas Status For Application

If you have already applied, follow these steps to track the funding application outcome:

  1. Login to your NSFAS account on the myNSFAS student portal here
  2. Enter your username and password and sign in
  3. Click on ‘Track Funding Progress’

After you have clicked on the ‘Track Funding Progress’ option, you will then receive one of several application statuses.

Once you have received the status of your funding application, then you will know whether or not they need to take additional steps to secure funding.

Below are the funding statuses you could receive and what they mean:

  • Application Submitted: Your application has been loaded onto the NSFAS system successfully.
  • Filtering: The system checks if you are a returning student and whether you have any previous qualifications.
  • Validation: NSFAS is conducting third-party checks with SASSA and the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Evaluation: NSFAS is verifying all the documents you have submitted during your application.
  • Funding Eligibility: NSFAS is verifying your household financial status that was declared in your application.
  • Awaiting Academic Results/Admission: NSFAS is checking your academic results and your institution’s admission status to ensure that you meet the requirements to be funded by NSFAS. Many find themselves staying on this step for a while. This is because NSFAS has to wait for information from your chosen institution.
  • Awaiting Registration: NSFAS is receiving data from your institution to enable them to create a bursary agreement. This is another step students find themselves on for a while. This is because NSFAS has to wait for information from your chosen institution.
  • Signing Of Agreement: At this stage, you need to sign your bursary agreement so that NSFAS can disburse your allowances.
  • Payments: Your allowances are now being paid either through the NSFAS mobile wallet system or through your institution. Students are advised to continue to monitor the myNSFAS portal for updates.

Should your application status be any different, it is then best to forward your question by contacting NSFAS.

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