Hungani Ndlovu Biography, Age, Wife, Career & Net Worth

Hungani Ndlovu is a South African dancer and actor who started his career quite early – at the age of 7. Although he is now famous as an actor, his first foray into the world of performance was as a dancer.

Hungani Ndlovu

As a child, he traveled to the United States, where he studied acting at Flii’Cademy. After graduating, he returned to South Africa and got his first role in Memoir of an Honest Voice. After that, he starred in several other films, including Scandal.

Scandal remains one of his most important roles since in the role of Romeo he had his wife Stephanie (Ingrid) as his love partner.


Hungani Ndlovu was born in 1994 and is currently 27 years old. He celebrated his birthday in June. He may not be loud on his birthdays, but he celebrates his wife’s extensively. When she turned 30, he wrote an emotional prayer for her, wishing that they would hold hands and feel the sand between their feet for all eternity.

Net worth

Hungani Ndlovu may be doing well, but he doesn’t brag about his net worth. Rather, he focuses on his art. So while he wouldn’t talk about his net worth, his fans did it for him – they guessed and guessed.

Since there are no verified figures from himself, we’ll follow the judgment of industry leaders who rank him among the millionaires of South African cinema.


Hungani Ndlovu’s wife is Stephanie Sandows, who happens to be as famous in the film industry as her husband. She was born in 1991, which makes her three years older than her husband. However, age is not an issue between the two.

Hungani and Stephanie got married on February 23, 2019, and celebrated their second anniversary a few months ago. The couple planned the wedding for a year, but Hungani Ndlovu rushed the whole thing and proposed to Stephanie when they were validating a plane.

Their love is not only strong, but the two are also business partners. They are founders of the so-called SANS Group, a talent agency that trains actors and dancers. They also run a vlog on YouTube that they use to inspire other young couples and aspiring couples.

The couple readily admits that not everything is rosy in marriage. They’ve had their challenges, but they’ve chosen to persevere and choose each day for each other. The message of perseverance is one they want other couples to take with them.

A few months ago, Stephanie had noticed COVID-19 symptoms, and her husband had experienced the same thing. They were both tested, and the results were positive. In one of the episodes of their vlog, they described their COVID-19 journey.

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