Languages Spoken in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest and most densely populated metropolis, attracting a diverse population of people who speak a variety of languages.

Languages Spoken in Johannesburg

Which language is mostly spoken in South Africa?

Johannesburg is a multilingual city with many different languages spoken. In Johannesburg, all 11 of South Africa’s official languages are spoken, with English, Isizulu, Isixhosa, and SeSotho being the most generally spoken.

The 11 official languages are isiNdebele, isiXhosa, isiZulu and siSwati (referred to as the Nguni language group); Sesotho, Sepedi and Setswana (referred to as the Sotho language group); Tshivenda, Xitsonga, English and Afrikaans.

32% of Johannesburg residents speak Nguni languages at home, 24% speak Sotho languages, 18% speak English, 7% speak Afrikaans and 6% speak Tshivenda.

First language Population %
Zulu 178,775 19.60
Sotho 41,113 4.51
Xhosa 47,714 5.23
Afrikaans 110,430 12.11
Tswana 37,405 4.10
Sepedi 40,562 4.45
English 284,094 31.14
Tsonga 29,922 3.28
Swazi 7,720 0.85
Venda 17,603 1.93
Ndebele 45,192 4.95
Other 68,185 7.47

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