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Learner Miner at Siyanda Bakgatla Mine

Monday, 26 September, 2023 – 10:26

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The purpose of the role is to provide the learner with the required exposure to institutional learning and workplace experience that will enable them to obtain a qualification

The qualification they obtain will then meet the needs and requirements of the Siyanda Bakgatla Platinum Mine operations. In addition, it provides the relevant information needed to journey this qualification to help ensure that on-and off the-job training is successful for all involved.

Job Role Requirements

  • Adhere to basic occupational health and safety practices pertaining to mining operations
  • Compliance with mining regulations and Acts as stipulated in the Mine Health and Safety Legislation
  • Execute all duties of a learner miner as required by Mine Health and Safety Act
  • Liase with HRD department regarding training process and progress on occupational development
  • Provide progress update to all responsible parties on a regular basis
  • Learning inputs to be given and where required obtain the pass marks as required by the subject
  • Ensure all practical shifts and requirements are obtained to qualify to be accepted as a Learner Miner
  • Ensure discipline are always maintained and no criminal records to be recorded as the goal is amongst other duties to be able to be in charge to manage control of explosive
  • Ensure that where required to be place in sections to acquire the required exposure to become a competent blasting ticket holder



  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in Mining (Stoping/Development or Shaft)

Knowledge and Skills

  • Certificate of Fitness
  • Positive Psychometric Assessment

Opportunity Closing Date

Company Offering the Opportunity


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