Little Singer Kulfi Teasers Episode Latest

Destiny brings Kulfi to Mumbai and she ends up in Sikander’s mansion. Loveleen takes advantage of Kulfi. Unaware they are related, Kulfi grows found in Sikander. Read little Singer Kulfi August 2023 Teasers.
Little Singer Kulfi Teasers

Little Singer Kulfi Teasers Episode Latest

Monday 1st August 2023

Nimrat faints on the road after having a nightmare about Sikander and Kullfi; unaware of the same, Kullfi chases the vehicle with Sikander’s poster on it. Kullfi learns that Nimrat needs treatment for cancer at the earliest; Nihalo asks her to sing at the Pathankot concert when she pleads with her for money.

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Tuesday 2nd August 2023

Bhalla takes Kullfi to sing at a concert in Pathankot where Sikander is performing; Nihalo misleads Sikander about Nimrat to keep them from meeting each other. Kullfi tries to meet Sikander hoping to get some help from him for Nimrat’s treatment; Sittu rebukes Nihalo for misleading Sikander and learns that he is in Pathankot.

Wednesday 3rd August 2023

Sikander entertains the crowd at Pathankot with his brilliant singing and has an unexpected meeting with Kullfi on the stage. Kullfi goes to Goddess Durga’s temple to sing to collect money for her mother’s medicines; a bad omen occurs as Kullfi performs the ritual.

Thursday 4th August 2023

Kullfi tries to reach the hospital, while Nimrat sets out in search of Kullfi; she sees Sikander in the car and tries talking to him. Loveleen refuses to get Nimrat hospitalized; Sittu agonizes over Nimrat’s demise.

Friday 5th August 2023

Devastated by Nimrat’s demise, Kullfi refuses to light her funeral pyre; Sikander dreams about Nimrat. Nihalo emotionally blackmails Kullfi to forgive her; Loveleen confronts Sikander regarding Nimrat.

Monday 8th August 2023

Kullfi tries to seek help from the police, but Nihalo accuses her of assaulting her. While Kullfi struggles to control her urge to sing, Sikander helps Amyra get ready for school; Loveleen learns some shocking news.

Tuesday 9th August 2023

Sittu diverts the attention of the police and manages to escape along with Kullfi; Nihalo and the police chase Sittu. Sittu struggles to find Loveleen’s car to rescue Kullfi; Loveleen decides to part ways with Sikander and packs her luggage.

Wednesday 10th August 2023

Loveleen tells Sikander’s family about his misdeeds and leaves the house along with Amyra; Sittu disguises Kullfi as a boy to mislead Nihalo. Sittu sets out to take Kullfi to Mumbai; Kullfi boards the train bound for Mumbai.

Thursday 11th August 2023

Kullfi is hassled as she loses her train ticket; Sittu regrets not being able to accompany Kullfi. Kullfi escapes from the passenger’s clutches; on arriving in Mumbai, Kullfi becomes friends with some kids.

Friday 12th August 2023

Kullfi prays at a mosque, hoping to meet her father; Sikander too is in the same mosque, praying to reunite with Amyra; Kullfi sees Sikander and rushes to meet him. Kullfi follows Sikander to his house; Sikander is surprised to find Loveleen and Amyra at home.

Monday 15th August 2023

Kullfi reaches Sikander’s apartment after a dog snatches her bag containing Nimrat’s souvenirs. Sikander gives his songbook to Amyra and asks her to keep it safe; Kullfi decides to seek Amyra’s help in finding her bag.

Tuesday 16th August 2023

Jagira comes to Kullfi’s aid when Loveleen decides to get her arrested; on learning that Amyra is falsely accusing Kullfi of spoiling the songbook, Sikander compels her to apologize to Kullfi. Amyra takes Kullfi to Sikander’s music room with a plan to put her in trouble.

Wednesday 17th August 2023

Amyra rejoices as Sikander lashes out at Kullfi for climbing on his piano; Sikander asks Loveleen to support him in making Amyra a popular singer. Kullfi gets disappointed when Amyra takes credit for the surprise prepared by her for Sikander.

Thursday 18th August 2023

A desperate Kullfi sings out for help when she is trapped inside a pothole; some pedestrians try to reach out to her when it’s filled with water. Loveleen searches for Kullfi after learning that she sings brilliantly and plans to take advantage of her talent.

Friday 19th August 2023

Loveleen plans to use Kullfi to nab a singing opportunity for Amyra. Loveleen deceives Kullfi into singing and asks her to share all her secrets; Sikander enters the room at the same time.

Monday 22nd August 2023

Loveleen tries persuading a reluctant Amyra to lip-sync to the song she has already recorded. Loveleen tactfully sends Sikander out with his family; Roshan and Devika arrive at Loveleen’s house.

Tuesday 23rd August 2023

Loveleen manipulates Amyra into lip-syncing in front of Roshan. Sikander gets Kullfi out of the room; he cheers her up when she agonizes over her inability to meet Situ.

Wednesday 24th August 2023

Kullfi, Sikander, and his brother prepare their favorite dish. Sikander gets furious after discovering Loveleen and Amyra’s secret; Jagira decides to send a letter to Situ, but Kullfi refuses to reveal his address.

Thursday 25th August 2023

Sikander lashes out at Loveleen for making Amyra lip-sync; Loveleen tries to stop him from telling the truth to Roshan. Amyra envies Kullfi and comes up with a plan to spoil her voice.

Friday 26th August 2023

Sikander thinks that Kullfi can’t sing well; Kullfi is upset as she is unable to sing. Sikander is upset as Loveleen and Amyra won’t be accompanying him to his concert.

Monday 29th August 2023

Loveleen makes arrangements for Amyra’s lip-syncing act; she searches for Kullfi as she is missing. Sikander is upset to see Amyra lip sync.

Tuesday 30th August 2023

At the concert, the journalists ask Sikander about his reaction to Amyra’s singing; Cutie advises Loveleen to apologize to Sikander. Loveleen gets into a heated argument with Sikander, who scolds and tells her about the consequences of making Amyra lip sync.

Wednesday 31st August 2023

Sikander tries to make Amyra realize her folly; Kullfi is happy to hear Sikander appreciating the girl who sang for Amyra. Kullfi saves Amyra from humiliation and sings for her while Amyra deceives her friends by lip-syncing; Sikander comes home drunk and shouts at Kullfi.

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