Makhadzi House To Show Her Gratitude

Makhadzi Builds A House For Her Mama To Show Her Gratitude

Singer Makhadzi has literally taken the saying ‘charity begins at home’ to heart

Makhadzi, who hails from Limpopo, blessed her mom with a brand new house, which she built from the ground up.

The house began just as a foundation, and now it has a whole roof and we must say it’s grand.

Makhadzi House

Makhadzi revealed that building a house for her mom, was her way of expressing her gratitude for all she has done for her in the past years.

The Matorokisi singer’s rise to fame was not overnight, but more of rags to riches kind of story with some heartbreak.

Her love for singing started at the age of 12, which saw her often running away from home, to participate in promo shows. She also used to sing at weddings and at some point she was singing at taxi ranks.

Makhadzi Builds A House

Makhadzi revealed that she was exploited by the people who were ‘managing’ her career when she was younger.

“I only wanted to sing and dance because that’s what I love … Those people treated me like a slave – I would do house chores and stuff … They had someone to cook for them. All I got in return was a chance to perform and make their money,” she said.

In a more candid and heartbreaking interview, the singer also revealed that she was s6x_ually abused  by her manager’s husband, who repeatedly ra_ped her in what Makhadzi called a ‘weekend routine.’

At the time, she couldn’t open up to anyone about the abuse but she eventually overcame her fear and left the couple.

Now she’s managed to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and she has become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

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