Manufacturing Companies in South Africa

List of Manufacturing Companies in South Africa

Below is a carefully compiled list of the top 100 manufacturing companies in South Africa. These companies manufacture some of the best products used in South Africa and provide the best employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled labor in the country.


Top 100 Manufacturing Companies in South Africa

  1. Hammah Workgear: Hammah is a manufacturer of custom-made workwear
  2. ARC Lightning: Manufacturer of Light Fittings based in Cape Town, South Africa.
  3. O2 Sports: Coaching Services, Travel & Events, Equipment & Apparel, Sports Fundraising
  4. 3MS Website & App Acquisitions: Web design and development digital agency.
  5. Abelanani Creations: Manufacturer of lanyard, plastic, metal products and plastic with full-color branding.
  6. AC Honed Tube: Manufacturer of honed and unhoned tubing and chrome shafting
  7. AC Shopfitters (Doors): The timber window and door manufacturer
  8. APS – Affordable Printing Solutions: Manufacturer of printing solutions
  9. African Filing Systems: Manufacturer of filing products
  10. African State Nutriments: Manufacturer and supplier of soya mince
  11. The Coca-Cola Company: Manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverages
  12. PepsiCo: Manufacturer of food, snack and beverages
  13. Nestle: manufacturer of food and beverages
  14. Unilever: Manufacturer of consumers goods like food, beverages, beauty products, and personal care products
  15. Allergan Pharmaceuticals South Africa (Pty) Ltd: Manufacturer of medical device, prescription, and consumer healthcare products.
  16. Clinigen South Africa: Manufacturer of healthcare products.
  17. Cipla South Africa: Manufacturer of generic medicines
  18. Meda Pharma South Africa (Pty) Ltd: Manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of pharmaceutical products
  19. Novartis South Africa Pty Ltd: Manufacturer of healthcare products
  20. Pierre Fabre South Africa (Pty) Ltd: Manufacturing healthcare organization
  21. Lundbeck (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd: Manufacturer of healthcare products
  22. Pfizer: Biopharmaceutical healthcare product manufacturer
  23. Zentiva: Manufacturer of generic pharmaceutical products.
  24. Aspen Pharmacare: The largest drug manufacturing company in Africa.
  25. MSD Animal Health South Africa: Manufacturer and marketer of animal health products.
  26. Biotech Laboratories (Pty) Ltd: Pharmaceutical company
  27. Adcock Ingram Critical Care (Pty) Ltd: Manufacturer and supplier of healthcare products
  28. Merck Chemicals (Pty) Ltd: Multinational pharmaceutical company.
  29. Clicks Group: Manufacturer of healthcare, music, beauty and lifestyle products.
  30. Key Oncologic South Africa: Pharmaceutical company
  31. Novagen Pharma (Pty) Ltd: Manufacturer of wellness and healthcare products
  32. Cornwall Food & Beverage Company Pty Ltd.
  33. The Beverage Company: Manufacturer and distributor of beverages
  34. Equator Beverage Company: Manufacturer of alcoholic beverages
  35. Liquid Concepts: Food and beverage manufacturer
  36. Flare Beverages (Pty) Ltd: Manufacturer of beer, spirits, and cider
  37. Kingsley Beverages South Africa: Manufacturer of soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks, and water.
  38. Halewood International South Africa Pty Ltd: Manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages
  39. Chill Beverages International: South African beverage manufacturer.
  40. Dalla Cia Wine and Spirit Company: Wine manufacturer
  41. Cintron SA: Energy drink manufacturer
  42. Inhle Beverages PTY LTD: South Africa-based beverage manufacturer
  43. Ai-Tec: Industrial Manufacturing
  44. Air-Port Packaging: Wood box manufacturer
  45. Ampliform: Manufacturer of flooring solutions
  46. Anchortape: Manufacturing and packaging of self-adhesive tapes, RDA, and filament.
  47. APS Plastics: Manufacturer of plasticware
  48. Aqua Crystal Beverages SA: Manufacture and supply of branded beverages
  49. Ascot Upholstery: Furniture manufacturing
  50. Awesome Shelving: Manufacture and supply of shelving, tables, lockers, and chairs.
  51. B-Earth Paints: Manufacture of paints and contains
  52. Baby By Design: Baby furniture manufacturing
  53. BadgeMags: Manufacturer and supplier of badges
  54. BakersMate: Manufacturer and supplier bakery equipment
  55. Bloxam Woodwork: woodwork, joinery, and carpentry.
  56. Bomani Manufacturing: Textile manufacturing
  57. Allpacks: Giftbox and bag manufacturing
  58. Buildabanner: Signs Manufacturing
  59. Carbonnanotubes: Manufacturer of carbon nanotubes
  60. Castaway Components: Zinc dye casting manufacturers
  61. Chemsol (SA) Adhesives (Pty) Ltd: Manufacturer of adhesives, and industrial solvents.
  62. Classic Iron: Manufacturers of garden furniture
  63. Closeal Manufacturing: Manufacturer of seal, gaskets, extrusion, rubber
  64. Clothing Manufacturing @ RSA Sport: Manufacturer of sportswear, custom uniform
  65. Coral Fuel Gel: Manufacturer and supplier
  66. Cynton: Wire product manufacturer
  67. Danmar Precision Engineering: Mass production
  68. DADObaths: Manufacture and design of DADOquartz stone baths
  69. DC Fibreglass: Manufacturing
  70. Delphis Eco: Chemical Manufacturing
  71. Dyechem Industrial: Manufacturer of washing powder, food color, and related chemicals
  72. Fangs and Fossils: Manufacturer and supplier of jewelry
  73. Fibretek: Fibreglass pultrusion and manufacturing
  74. FIN Neoprene: Neoprene manufacturing
  75. Formfunc Installations: Furniture manufacturer
  76. Fuel Flex Hose and Fittings: hose and fittings manufacturer and supplier
  77. Furniture Depot: Manufacturer of household furniture
  78. GC Shopfitters: Manufacturer of shopfitting, exhibition stands, set build
  79. GL Specialized Inks: Printing cylinder manufacture and engraving
  80. Hala Trading: Aluminum manufacturing and fabrication
  81. Groundcover Leather: Manufacture and supply of footwear
  82. Ground Works Trading: woodwork
  83. Injemo Engineering and Plastic Products: Custom moulders manufacturing moulds
  84. JC Media Puzzles: puzzle manufacturers
  85. Korck Components: Furniture manufacturer
  86. Kute Paper Converters: Manufacturer of toilet paper, kitchen rolls, and garage rolls
  87. Ladle Fine Foods: Food company
  88. LBW Block: Slab manufacturer
  89. Lifeassay Diagnostics: Manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostic tests
  90. Lizree Projects: Manufacturing of automotive diagnostic tools
  91. Louw Roets Design: Furniture Design and manufacturing
  92. Malhare Creations: Manufacturer and repairer of cane furniture
  93. Marley Roofing: Manufacture and supplier of roofing solutions
  94. Mcalusteel: Aluminum doors, frames and windows manufacturer
  95. Mecheng Industrial Solutions: Manufacturer of acid-proofing, GRP pipes, and components
  96. Melton Adhesives: Industrial adhesive manufacturer and distributor
  97. MicroCircuit: Manufacturer of high temp, wire, and cable
  98. Modern Décor Window Blinds: manufacturer, supplier, repairer, and fitting of blinds
  99. Stainless Steel Suppliers: Manufacturer and marketer of stainless steel
  100. MS Plastics: Plastic container manufacturers

You can find manufacturing companies from all sectors and industries in South Africa on our list.

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