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Shoprite Supply Chain Graduate Programme 2023/2024

Thursday, 29 September, 2023 – 12:45

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The Shoprite Group of Companies Supply Chain boasts a prestigious graduate programme where our trainees rotate through various departments within the Supply Chain. Graduates are thoroughly integrated into our business with the intent purpose of equipping them with the necessary knowledge, skills and exposure vital for success.

Job Objectives:

  • Leading and ability to make decisions
  • Supporting and coordinating 
  • Interacting and presenting 
  • Analysing and interpreting
  • Creating and conceptualising
  • Organising and executing
  • Adapting and coping
  • Enterprising and performing


  • BCOM Supply Chain / Logistics Management
  • BEng Industrial Engineering
  • BTech Retail Business Management
  • BSC Quantitative Management
  • BCOM International Trade / Business

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, Computer literacy, Business analysis methodology, Planning and organising.

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