List of Courses Offered at Southern African Wildlife College

List of Courses Offered at Southern African Wildlife College, Southern African Wildlife College Courses… The Southern African Wildlife College Courses are available online. Applicants can apply to available courses/programmes offered at Southern African Wildlife College approved by management. We (the Kenrrylite Team) are here to show you all the information you need.

Southern African Wildlife College Courses is online now. Applicants can apply online through this page.

The Southern African Wildlife College advises applicants before applying for any courses of the institution to read all the information concerning the course of study such as duration, requirements, fees, etc.

List of Courses Offered at Southern African Wildlife College

See the list of Courses at Southern African Wildlife College below.

Higher Education

The Higher Education Programme includes two full qualifications that are accredited with the Council on Higher Education. It is designed for those involved in operational positions within the nature conservation environment who will be moving into entry-level managerial or supervisory positions in their organisations.

  • Advanced Certificate in Nature Conservation : Trans-frontier Conservation Management
  • Higher Certificate in Nature Conservation: Implementation and Leadership

Occupational Qualifications

The Occupational Qualifications certificates and skills development programmes are designed to be occupationally relevant and are composed of various credits which can be used towards a nationally recognised qualification.

  • NQF 4 Certificate in Professional Hunting
  • Skills Programme: Conservation General Assistant
  • Skills Programme: Field Ranger Protected Area (Unarmed)
  • Skills Programme: Field Ranger Law Enforcement Armed and Unarmed
  • Skills Programme: Dangerous Game Site Guide: Level 4
  • Skills Programme: Dangerous Game Site Guide: Level 2
  • National Certificate: Nature Conservation: Resource Guardianship
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Professional Hunting
  • National Certificate: Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

Southern African Wildlife College Short Courses

  • SMART – Spatial Monitoring & Research Tool
  • Computer Skills
  • Field Guiding: View Potentially Dangerous Animals
  • Law Enforcement: Conservation Law Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement: Ensuring Ecosystem Integrity
  • Law Enforcement: Track a Person in a Natural Environment
  • Law Enforcement: Natural Resource Protection
  • People and Conservation: Cultural Heritage Management
  • People and Conservation: Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM)
  • People and Conservation: Environmental Education
  • People and Conservation: Introduction to Community Development and Conservation
  • Administration for Conservation: Financial Management
  • Administration for Conservation: Principles of Financial Administration
  • Administration for Conservation: Conservation Administration
  • Administration for Conservation: Communication Skills
  • Administration for Conservation: Human Resource Management
  • Administration for Conservation: Personnel Management
  • Administration for Conservation: Project Management
  • Research and Monitoring: Animal Studies
  • Research and Monitoring: Basic Ecology
  • Research and Monitoring: Biodiversity Management
  • Research and Monitoring: Conservation Research
  • Wildlife Area Management: Philosophy and Ethics of Conservation
  • Wildlife Area Management: Ensuring Effective Management in Protected Areas
  • Wildlife Area Management: Tourism Management
  • Wildlife Area Management: Resource Economics
  • Wildlife Area Management: Catchment Management
  • Wildlife Area Management: Conservation Management Planning
  • Wildlife Area Management: Conservation Land Use Planning
  • Wildlife Area Management: Environmental Development Planning
  • Wildlife Area Management: Advanced GIS For Wildlife Management
  • Wildlife Area Management: Introduction to GIS Application for Wildlife Management
  • Skills Programme: Dangerous Game Site Guide: Level 2
  • Field Ranger Armed and Field Ranger Unarmed

Southern African Wildlife College Skilled Practitioner Courses

  • Protected Area Governance
  • Introduction to Community Based Natural Resource Management
  • Trans-frontier Conservation Areas in Southern Africa
  • Introduction to Protected Areas & Buffer Zones in South Africa
  • Introduction to the Manyeleti Case Study
  • Panorama Route Guide Tour
  • Develop your own Tourism Development Plan
  • Tourism opportunities in Rural Communities
  • Tourism development in South Africa
  • Tourism: Advantages and disadvantages in South Africa
  • The Role aircraft has in anti-poaching operation with the Greater Kruger National Park
  • PASOP – Protected Area Standard Operating Procedures in Practice
  • Visit to K9 Unit & Dog Handling Demonstration
  • Visit to K9 Unit
  • The Field Ranger: Paramilitary Programs at SAWC
  • Current situation on Rhino and Elephant poaching in South Africa
  • Wildlife Damage Control & Wildlife Electric Fencing
  • Community Wildlife Conflict and Interactions
  • Behavior, sex determination and aging of Leopards
  • International pressure threatens the hunting industry: Behaviour and ageing of lions
  • The history and impacts of Wildlife Diseases in the African landscape
  • Ageing, behaviour, reproduction and the challenges of managing Southern Africa’s elephant populations
  • Legislation and International pressure that threatens the hunting industry
  • Importance of Genetic Sustainability
  • Value of wildlife today in Africa
  • The South African Model: History of economics and ownership of wildlife.
  • Game Capture Techniques and the Captive Handling of Various Species
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Savanna Ecosystems
  • Top down vs bottom up control of ecosystems
  • Invertebrates and their Role in the Savanna Ecosystem
  • Biodiversity of South Africa / Swaziland Trans frontier Conservation area
  • Mega-Herbivores
  • Reserve Management Plans
  • Understanding the Behaviour of Species
  • Managing for Biodiversity
  • Management of Elephants
  • Kruger2Canyons
  • Introduction to SAWC as a college

Southern African Wildlife College Youth Access Courses

  • Youth Access: Bridging Programme (RSA group)

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