TRCN Past Questions paper and Answers

TRCN Past Questions paper and Answers for Categories A, B, C & D | How to get Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria past questions paper and answers.

TRCN Past Questions

TRCN Exam Past Questions and Answers | This page primarily contains TRCN exam past questions and answers for categories A, B, C & D. And we have included a method for you to get the TRCN past questions PDF. As the TRCN exams are currently being conducted, we recommend you download the modified TRCN exam questions and answers. If you use the revised TRCN exam questions PDF, you can be sure to score 70-75 percent on this year’s Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria exam.

This article focuses on the TRCN past questions and answers, and because we all know that it is really helpful to have an idea of what the previous questions look like, that is why we took the time to update the TRCN past questions and answers to help you better understand what to focus on.

Why do I Need TRCN Past Questions?

Often at times, many teachers think that because they are teachers, they know everything, but that is self-deception now is an island once in a while you need additional knowledge to get you through to achieve the great things in life, for the fact that knowledge has limits, that is why you need the.

Below is an example of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria questions and answers, but don’t get me wrong when we say that the examples reflect the scope of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria questions.

TRCN Exam Structure

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria normally conducts its examinations in the form of a computer-based test (CBT). This standard has been maintained for many years. If you are looking for genuine and up-to-date TRCN PQE questions and answers, you have come to the right place. For each of the categories listed below, you will find a complete collection of previous questions and answers.

Category A (For those who are applying with a Ph.D.).
Category B (For those applying with a Master’s degree).
Category C (For those applying with a B.Sc. & B.ed.)
Category D (For those who enroll with NCE).

You must be well-qualified to pass the TRCN Professional Examinations in 2023. This e-book focuses on the exams, with questions from the 23+ syllabi listed below.

S/n   Course Title  Course Code
1 History of Education 001
2 Philosophy of Education 002
3 Sociology of Education 003
4 Educational Psychology 004
5 Guidance and Counseling 005
6 Teaching Profession 006
7 Teacher Education 007
8 Classroom Management & School Organisation 008
9 Educational Technology 009
10 Subject Methodology 010
11 Child-Friendly School Theory & Practice 011
12 Curriculum Studies 012
13 Measurement and Evaluation 013
14 Educational Management 014
15 Special Education 015
16 Adult Education 016
17 Comparative Education 017
18 Educational Statistics 018
19 Educational Research Methods 019
20 English Language and Communication Skills 020
21 Use of Library 021
22 Basic Mathematics 022
23 Micro Teaching 023

Samples Of  TRCN Examination Past Questions (Free Download)

This material contains everything you need to confidently prepare for the TRCN examination, however, if you want to have knowledge of what you will likely expect in the professional exams. We have compiled some free download questions and answers below, take your time and study them.

1. Early childhood education, as practiced today, began with?

a. Wole Soyinka
b. Tai Solarin
c. Florence Nightingale
d. Dr. Maria Montessori

2. Vertical Sub-System of Curriculum is concerned with these except?

a. Classrooms
b. Grade Levels
c. Forms
d. Classes

3. One of the following is not an area of psychology covered by educational psychology?

a. Psychometrics
b. Abnormal Psychology
c. Intellectual Psychology
d. Experimental Psychology

4. Which of the following is the basic communication model in teaching?

a. S-M-D Model
b. S-M-R Model
c. S-M-T Model
d. S-M-S Model

5. The following are the basic classifications of Psychological tests except?

a. Achievement Test
b. Intellectual Test
c. Aptitude Test
d. Physiognomic Test

6.  Tyler’s curriculum planning process has?

a. 6 Steps
b. 5 Steps
c. 4 Steps
d. 3 Steps

Answers to the Free Download Questions Above

Q1. D

Q2. A

Q3. C

Q4. B

Q5. D

Q6. B

Free TRCN Past Questions and Answers:

The following are free TRCN past questions for general knowledge, which is part of the complete past questions ebook. When you download the full study park, you get to see more. See the details above on how to purchase and download the complete past question papers of the TRCN.

1. The June 12 Presidential Election was annulled by President Ibrahim Babangida on
A) June 12, 1993
B) June 14, 1993
C) June 18, 1993
D) June 23, 1993
E) June 27, 1993
2. Gombe State belongs to the ______ geo-political Zone in Nigeria.
A) South East
B) South West
C) North Central
D) North East
E) North West
3. The full meaning of OECD is
A) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
B) Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development
C) Organization of Economic Community and Development
D) Organization for Economic Community and Development
E) Order of the Economic Community and Development
4. Paparada Square is in
A) Ilorin
B) Lokoja
C) Kaduna
D) Lagos
E) Sokoto
5. The former Eastern Region was proclaimed a sovereign nation, Biafra by Odumegu Ojukwu on
A) May 30, 1967
B) June 15, 1966
C) April 6, 1968
D) January 10, 1965
E) April 21, 1969
6. Obanta’s statue is located in
A) Abeokuta
B) Ibadan
C) Ogbomoso
D) Ilorin
E) Ijebu Ode
7. The Kruger National Park is in
A) South Africa
B) Tunisia
C) Cameroon
D) Poland
E) U.S.
8. The official residence of the Secretary-General of the United Nations is in
A) Washington DC, United States
B) New York City, United States
C) Birmingham United Kingdom
D) Atlanta Georgia, United States
E) London

9. Dar es Salaam is the capital of
A) Tunisia
B) Turkey
C) Zimbabwe
D) Sudan
E) Tanzania
10. Shanga and Kyenga are ethnic groups in
A) Sokoto State
B) Bauchi State
C) Niger State
D) Kwara State
E) Borno State

The conclusion of the matter is to get the past question and spare yourself the burden of Examination disease, having said something about the TRCN Past Questions Paper and Answers.

Why You Must Download the Professional Qualifying Examination Past Questions & Answers

  • To brace you up for the next examination through concise preparation with the past questions and answers.
  • Acing the exams is the most important thing, and that is why you must download and study TRCN PQE past questions and answers so that you get familiar with questions and answers from previous years. Remember, those who fail the exams will not only lose their money for exams fee and registration but will also lose their conferment and Recipient of the Professional Teaching License by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, and will also have to rewrite the examination again.
  • You’ll be fully prepared with an over 90% success guarantee.

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