uBettina Wethu Teasers 2 – October 2023

uBettina Wethu Teasers 2 – October 2023 – Latest Episode

uBettina Wethu Teasers 2 - October

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Monday 15 August 2023
Episode 1

Nubia 2.0

Betty is determined to focus on her new job as accounts manager but when she learns Dingaan didn’t get married, she’s distracted and hopes they might still have a chance.

Dingaan distracts himself from being stood up at the alter buy focusing on his new vision of Nubia and Lakhe is still hell bent on taking Nubia from Dingaan.

The staff is introduced to a chatty and forward Sindi. The video of Betty and Dingaan kissing is released and everything falls part.

Tuesday 16 August 2023
Episode 2

Reality Bites

Betty struggles to deal with the reaction to the video and is seen as a homewrecker. Duma has ulterior motives for joining Nubia. Lakhe and T-Bang fall out.

Wednesday 17 August 2023
Episode 3

Once Upon a Betty

Betty is trying to stay out of the limelight to focus on her work. But unfortunately, the drama keeps finding her!

Monday 22 August 2023
Episode 4

Fake Date

When Betty fails to get through to Dingaan about how he lied in his disastrous Sip-Sip interview, she decides to handle her own PR by asking Duma out on a ‘fake date’.

Dingaan gets himself into more hot water when all his exes start coming out of the woodwork.

Tensions between Lakhe and Wendell escalate when Lakhe confronts Wendell about attempting to blackmail her.

Tuesday 23 August 2023
Episode 5

No Time to Play, Girl!

Betty is motivated to do well in her new role but she hits a setback when trying to assert herself.

Dingaan gets a reality check on financially managing Nubia.

Lakhe has decided to give into Wendell’s demands, despite her pride.

Wednesday 24 August 2023
Episode 6

Battered and Bruised

Betty makes a great success of her first major pitch in her new job, then tops it off by finally starting to pull her team into line.

Dingaan’s financial woes worsen. Wendell becomes terrified he’s overplayed his hand when Lakhe successfully starts to turn the tables.

Monday 29 August 2023
Episode 7

Wendell’s Pain

After Betty realizes that Wendell isn’t okay, she and Sindi find a safe space for him but he feels guilty and runs off.

Dingaan, Brandon and Duma meet with a potential client but Dingaan and Brandon get distracted by Delilah while Duma seals the deal.

Tuesday 30 August 2023
Episode 8

Will She, Won’t She?

Betty struggles to make a decision. Is the truth worth sacrificing a friend?

Wednesday 31 August 2023
Episode 9

Betty struggles with finding the courage to ask Duma out on a date after realizing Dingaan has moved on.

Dingaan realizes he’s going to have work harder than ever in order to win over Delilah. Zaza and Duma put on a winning pitch for Clere.

Premiere episodes of uBettina Wethu air on SABC1 from Mondays to Wednesdays at 19h30.

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