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Unisa Web Registration 2023/2024

Unisa Web Registration 2023/2024: How to Apply UNISA Application for Admission Form 2023…Download UNISA Online Application Status Form 2023 pdf…UNISA Undergraduate & Unisa Postgraduate Online Application 2023 pdf…UNISA Online Prospectus 2023/2024…UNISA Online Registration Form closing dates for 2023 and How to Register with UNISA Online Apply 2023

Unisa Web Registration

Unisa is a university that uses the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) method, which allows students to create their own schedules. When applying to universities, some students will ask questions and need guidance. Unisa applications for 2023 are now open.

How to Track Unisa Application

  1. Head to the ‘Apply for admission: application tool’ page
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select the bubble next to the status.
  3. Fill in your details and it should then show you the current status of your application is.
  4. If you’re accepted, you’ll need to accept the offer here.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and select the bubble next to ‘Offer’
  6. After accepting, you’ll need to register and then you can consider yourself a student of Unisa.

Unisa Web Registration 2023/2024

You will need the following to register on the web  >>

  1. Student number;     You must be a returning student or if you are a first-time student (at Unisa), have successfully applied for admission.
  2. E-mail address;    Free e-mail for life is provided by Unisa once you are registered. If you have not yet claimed your account, take some time to Claim UNISA Login.

>>> Documents Needed For Your Unisa Registration

Please note the following:

  • You will be notified via a letter, e-mail or SMS once your study material has been posted. The message will indicate a track and trace number for the parcel as well as the despatch date.
  • Get an estimate of your study fees before you continue with your application.


To register select << GO >>

Undergraduate Registration    <<GO>>
(All undergraduate qualifications including the BTech degree and National Diplomas)
Postgraduate Registration: Honours and Postgraduate diplomas   <<GO>>
Postgraduate Registration: Master’s and Doctoral   << GO>>
Credit card payment    <<GO>>   OR   read the method of payment page    <<GO>>
(A note about the security of online payment to Unisa.)

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