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What Does Admission without Status Mean

If you are experiencing some challenges with your application for admission, here are some common application statuses, such as admission without status meaning.
What Does Admission without Status Mean

Admission Without Status Meaning What Does it mean?

The status “Admission without status” means your application has not yet been finalized. Please keep checking your Admission Status at least once a week. Please keep in mind that the Admissions Office only processes one-course choice at a time.

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Naturally, admission applications usually go through different departmental and faculty evaluations, which means the exact application stage might not be indicated by the status. ”Application in the process” gives the assurance that work is being done on it and applicants will be given feedback in due course or time.
When you get invited for an interview, audition, admission test, and so on; it simply means you have met the initial academic entry requirements and your application result is dependent on the results of one of the above-mentioned evaluations you have undertaken.
Immediately after the outcome of your evaluation is determined and finalized, your final result will be sent to the Admission Office (where it will be officially communicated to you in writing), from the department with which your evaluation was undertaken.
During this process, candidates will be required to exercise little patience as they need to understand that these processes usually may take time. This is because they are necessary to protect applicants and the University’s rights as all departments are obliged by the University policy to undergo the right procedures in application processing and effective communication with prospective candidates.

What Does Admission without Status Mean

Most importantly, candidates need to always remember the determinant of a failed or successful application is dependent on their final Grade 12 results. Therefore, if you applied on time for the right course with the right subjects and levels, kindly worry less about your application status, instead concentrate more on your studies in order to improve your academic performance and your chances of being accepted finally in January.
How to Check School Admission Status
With this clearly understood, we wish you the utmost success in your upcoming examinations and hope to see you living your best life and dreams with us, next year. Best Regards!

Money Omitted- What does it mean?

Money omitted simply implies that applicants have refused to pay the expected application fee. Prospective students are being urged by the school to use their ID NUMBER or Student as a reference to avoid confusion; then after the payment candidates are expected to upload the receipt via their student portal.
P.S: No document will be accepted over email.

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