Where To Find Technology Bursaries

If you’re someone that loves technology and understands data, then you might want to consider a career as an Information Technology (IT) professional. Below is a list of organizations that offer bursary funding for a study course in IT.

Where To Find Technology Bursaries

Any study programme can be very expensive, and students frequently lack the resources to pay for their education, therefore it is advisable to get a head start on your hunt for funding.

Technology is a vastly growing industry, and it powers organisations of all types, meaning that there’s a tech position waiting for you in various fields such as different as retail, education, finance, and manufacturing.

Information technology is an exciting field to study. The profession is incredibly diverse and is a very innovative career field.

Where To Find Technology Bursaries

Studying IT will allow you to gain skills and knowledge that will allow you to excel in your career and you also get the opportunity to make and create things.

Below is a list of organisations that offer to fund Information Technology:

  1. National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) – NSFAS provides funding to students wanting to study in numerous fields including information technology.
  2. Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP)  – ISFAP funds students pursuing their tertiary education in various fields of study and qualifications.
  3. Capitec Bank Bursary – The financial institution offers bursary funding that supports several of study fields including IT.
  4. MTN Bursary – MTN SA bursaries are part of the company’s youth development initiative. Every year they offer to fund students in need in various study fields including IT.
  5. Santam Bursary – Every year Santam invites prospective students to apply for the Santam bursary programme.
  6. Transnet Bursary – The Transnet bursary programme affords students the opportunity to further their studies and pursue their dream careers.
  7. Absa Bank Bursary – Each year, ABSA provides funding to students and support for their academic studies in numerous study fields.
  8. W&RSETA Bursary – The W&R SETA Bursary is a government-funded scheme that is aimed at providing financial assistance to needy students to study in various fields.
  9. Oasis Bursary – Oasis awards bursaries to for full-time university studies in Information Technology.
  10. Volkswagen Bursary – The Volkswagen bursary programme provides financial assistance as well as vacation work to talented students wanting to further their studies in a number of study fields.

There are many benefits to having an Information Technology qualification, some include job security and profitable incomes.

Should you be interested in pursuing a career in the Information Technology industry and you require tertiary education funding, visit the official websites of the above-mentioned organizations and companies to find out more about their funding options and requirements

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